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Academic Coach | Tutors
Kellie Fellon
$30 /Hour

Dedicated to life-long learning, Kellie Fallon strives to inspire her students to grow and reshape their reality. Fallon’s research lives through her, advocating for us to reimagine our relationship with art. As a high school fine arts teacher, Fallon challenges her students to experience art beyond mere visual aesthetics and see the artistry in all facets of reality. She wishes to instill a sense of artistic accountability and inspire rising artists to action; awakening a paradigm shift to create a more-than-human magic. This worldview remains unwavering through her newfound passion for tutoring through AC&T. Fallon is excited to build a rapport with her online students and foster their growth. As much a learner as she is a teacher, Fallon continues to further her education. This May, she will begin her Specialist Degree in Art Education, in pursuit of her PhD. In addition to her experience in the arts, Fallon is also certified in English and has taught ELA at her current high school in 2023. The entanglement of art and language strengthens Fallon’s pedagogy, creating a holistic view of creativity and expression.


Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education at University of Central Florida, Masters Degree in Art Education at Florid,(WIP) Specialist Degree in Art Education, Piedmont University State University.