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About Us

AC&T Educational Consulting Group is a team of experienced counselors, academic coaches, and instructors dedicated to helping students improve their academic performance and achieve their goals. We offer Online Academic Coaching, Tutoring, and Admission Counseling Services to both two-year college and four-year university students.

Our team is diverse and can serve students in multiple languages, including English and Arabic. We have extensive experience in assisting at-risk students with low GPAs before they fall into academic probation and drop out of college or university. We also serve students struggling with studies, even if their GPA is higher than 2.00. Our team pays attention to the challenges facing International First-Year students in the USA which are as follows.

  • Transitioning from High School to University
  • Living abroad / away from home
  • Cultural and social challenges
  • Language differences and skills
  • Adjusting to the educational system of US universities, which is different from that in their native countries
  • Mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression and learning disabilities