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Unlock Your Full Potential with AC&T Educational Consulting Group

Welcome to AC&T Educational Consulting Group, your dedicated partner for academic and personal success. Our experienced team of Academic Coaches, Tutors, and College Admission Counselors is committed to helping students achieve their goals through attentive listening, proactive strategies, and tailored solutions.

Our Services

Academic Coaching, Tutoring, and College Admission Counseling:
Our comprehensive services cater to university students. We specialize in supporting at-risk students and preventing issues such as Academic Probation and Dropout .

Specialized Support for International First-Year Students:
Recognizing the unique challenges faced by International First-Year Students, we provide personalized solutions for transitioning, living abroad, cultural adjustments, language barriers, and adapting to the U.S. Educational System.

Leadership Development Coaching:
At the request of students, our academic coaches offer Leadership Development Coaching. This specialized program is designed to prepare Future Leaders by focusing on communication, teamwork, decision-making, and goal-setting. It empowers students to build confidence, take initiative, and excel in academic and future professional settings.

Why Choose AC&T?
Early Intervention and Prevention: We identify and address challenges early to prevent academic issues.
Experienced and Trained Team: Our qualified team has a proven track record of success.
Comprehensive Services: From academic coaching to leadership development, we offer various services.
Accessible Online Support: Our services are available online, providing flexibility and convenience.

Success Stories
Read testimonials from students, who have successfully navigated challenges and achieved academic excellence with the support of AC&T Educational Consulting Group. Additionally, hear from dedicated Instructors and Senior Managers who have collaborated with the AC&T Team, sharing their perspectives on the impactful journey towards success.

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