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Meet our Founder

Hussain Ahmed, the Managing Director of AC&T Educational Consulting Group, brings over 26 years of experience in Higher Education. He has held various management positions at UAE University, focusing on IT and student success. With a passion for educational leadership, Hussain has dedicated himself to empowering At-Risk students through academic coaching and advising.

One of Hussain's notable achievements was the proposal and implementation of an Early Intervention Program for the College of Engineering at UAE University. This program aimed to identify students at risk of failure and provide comprehensive intervention strategies to help them succeed. The program's success is evident in its positive impact, as seen in the significant improvements and retention rates achieved.

Starting his journey as an instructor, Hussain recognized the transformative potential of leveraging individual strengths to overcome learning weaknesses. This realization, combined with his unwavering dedication to student welfare, continues to shape his work with AC&T Educational Consulting Group, ensuring that students receive the support they need to excel.