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Privacy Policy

Effective date: 1-1-2024

AC&T Educational Consulting Group Terms of Use: Comprehensive User Guidelines for Online Academic Coaching, Admission Counseling, and Tutoring

Privacy, Academic Ethics, Eligibility, and Background Clearance: At AC&T Educational Consulting Group, we are committed to providing exceptional academic coaching, admission counseling, and tutoring services while prioritizing your privacy, upholding academic integrity, and ensuring the safety of our users. Please review the following policies and requirements:

Privacy Policy:

Data Security: We prioritize the security of your personal information through robust measures like data encryption, secure storage, and access controls

Information Collection: Only essential information necessary for academic coaching, college counseling, and tutoring services is collected, and we do not share this information with third parties without explicit consent.

Communication: Users receive relevant communication related to sessions, appointments, or account updates, respecting user preferences for communication channels.

Third-Party Services: Some functionalities may integrate third-party tools or services, and users are encouraged to review the privacy policies of these third parties.

Academic Ethics:

Plagiarism and Cheating: There is a strict prohibition of plagiarism and cheating; students and academic coaches uphold academic honesty.

Original Work: Sessions aim to support and enhance understanding, promoting original work without unauthorized collaboration.

Code of Conduct: Users adhere to conduct fostering a respectful and inclusive learning environment.

Confidentiality: Information shared during sessions is confidential, and academic coaches, counselors, and tutors maintain privacy.

Eligibility Requirements for Academic Coaches, Admission Counselors, and Tutors:

Residency Requirement: Academic Coaches, Counselors, and Tutors must reside within the United States for a deep understanding of the U.S. education system.

Social Security Number Requirement: A valid Social Security Number is required for identity verification and necessary tax-related purposes.

Background Clearance Requirement:

Submission: Academic Coaches, Counselors, and Tutors must submit a recent background clearance upon hiring.

Verification: Our team verifies the submitted clearance for safety and compliance with relevant regulations.

Validity: The clearance must be obtained within the past 6 months to be considered valid. Periodic background checks will be conducted annually thereafter.

Age Requirement and Parental Consent:

Users must meet a minimum age requirement to engage with AC&T. Users below this age must obtain parental or legal guardian consent.

Content Ownership and Copyright:

Ownership: All content, including materials shared during sessions and platform-generated content, is owned by AC&T.

Usage Restrictions: Users must not reproduce, distribute, or use content without explicit permission.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Users are responsible for ensuring that the content they share does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.

Code of Conduct: All users, including academic coaches, admission counselors tutors, and students, must adhere to a comprehensive code of conduct. Prohibited behaviors include harassment, discrimination, or any form of abusive conduct.

Termination of Accounts: Accounts may be terminated for violations of the code of conduct or terms of use. AC&T reserves the right to suspend or terminate accounts for inappropriate or harmful behavior without notice.

Dispute Resolution: Disputes between users and AC&T will be resolved through arbitration, mediation, or other specified methods, depending on the terms outlined in the agreement or terms of service.

Limitation of Liability: AC&T limits liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. AC&T is not responsible for content's accuracy, completeness, or usefulness.

Changes to Terms of Use: AC&T reserves the right to update or modify the terms of use. Users will be notified of any changes.

Compliance with Applicable Laws:

Users must comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws while using the platform. AC&T specifies any legal requirements related to online education or tutoring services.

By engaging with the AC&T platform, users agree to comply with these terms of use. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in suspending or terminating the user's association with AC&T. These measures contribute to a trustworthy, secure, and ethical learning environment.