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Akeem Majid
$40 /Hour

Akeem, a seasoned academic, demonstrates proficiency in writing, reading, and essay composition. Having successfully graduated, he possesses expertise in History, English, geography, religion, and political science courses. Akeem is adept at guiding individuals through their papers, aiding in the articulation of their thoughts, and providing valuable feedback. Recognizing the challenges students face in critically analyzing and expressing ideas in writing, Akeem draws upon his experience as a tutor and instructor to effectively address these common issues. With a patient and composed approach, Akeem is enthusiastic and prepared to assist students in unlocking their writing potential.


Bachelors Degree in History at GGC


College Writing Social Studies for K12 College Admission Counseling English Skills - Speaking,Writing,Reading ESL & ESOL College Writing K12 SAT, ACT & AP EXAMS Preparations, English Language Arts, ELA