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Maria Tamayo
$40 /Hour

As a current Ph.D. student with two master's degrees, I am deeply familiar with the academic landscape and experienced in navigating the intricacies of higher education. My commitment to lifelong learning is matched by my passion for helping others succeed in their academic pursuits. From high school to college and beyond, I am dedicated to supporting students at every stage of their educational journey. Drawing from my own experiences, I can offer valuable insights and guidance to help students find the right schools and programs to achieve their goals. I understand the challenges students face and am here to provide personalized support and advice. Furthermore, my leadership roles from a young age have taught me the importance of self-leadership in achieving success. I believe that effective leadership begins with leading oneself, and I am committed to helping students develop the skills and confidence to become strong, capable leaders in their own right. In summary, I am a dedicated and experienced academic advisor, mentor, and leader. I am passionate about supporting students and helping them achieve their full potential. I look forward to working with you and guiding you toward a bright and successful future.


Bachelors Degree in Arts & Political Science,Master in English and Creative writing concentration in nonfiction Masters in English as a Second Language 3rd year Ph.D. student in Leadership Studies