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Nancy Gill
$40 /Hour

I have 15+ years of experience as a Special Education Teacher/IEP Coordinator, offering individualized support/accommodations to struggling students and students with special needs, as well as providing gifted instruction and enrichment to students that are exceptional learners. My passion for teaching and coaching is rooted in my commitment to helping families navigate difficult processes, including preparing for interviews and competitive school admissions, as well as seeking intervention services/supports through evaluations and IEPs, so that students can reach their highest potential and experience success – not only in the classroom, but in everyday life. My teaching philosophy is shaped around my belief that every student can and will succeed when given the right tools, patience, understanding and guidance. I have a BS in Elementary Education, a MS in Special Education, and a M. Ed in Learning & Technology. Outside of the school setting, I have filled many roles and expanded my career as a Tutor, Parent Consultant, Executive Function/Academic Coach, as well as a Study Skills Teacher for clients of all ages. I support students in their transition from Study Skills/Test Prep to College Exploration and Planning. I have consulted with program directors and company founders to create small group, remote workshop series for students and parents (utilizing various multimedia across virtual platforms), to promote personal success and independence. I also have experience as a Content Specialist and Instructional Coach, collaborating with NY based administrators and local teachers to support schools in reaching their goals and enhancing high-leverage instructional practices, as well as promoting student growth and success. Nancy Gill, M.Ed., MS.Ed.


Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education, a Masters in Special Education, and a M. Ed in Learning & Technology.